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Office Sahayogi

Security at office sahayogi

Enterprise-grade data protection

Clients data for every CA and tax Consultant is precious. So we keep all clients information in encrypted format. So, that even our team can not access the data.

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Data Security is all about CIA – Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability.


Crucial information like client's details, GST details, and passwords are stored in encrypted format in the Database.
This means, in the worst-case anyone breaks into the database, they will not be able to under what is stored.For example, "Office Sahayogi" will be stored as "18+tuPKP2DEKltIJxsdfghg--wSI1XDraSejs4=".
Even developers will not be able to understand the data.

Data Integrity

All the code written goes for a quality check to ensure it meets performance, security and design parameters. To ensure this and keep track we use GIT for version control.
Every CA or Tax consultant data is stored in different database to ensure security.

Data Availability

Data availiablity is ensured by protection and in case of failure through a backup.
Every CA or Tax consultant data backup will be forwarded to the given Email Id at given point of time. Two level of authentication is used Form-based and Role-based.

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