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Office Sahayogi

About Us

Office Management software for CA's and Tax consultants. This software will help CA's to manage their clients, employees, and tasks through automation on one platform.

Office Sahayogi is a product of Digi Sidekick. Ay Digi Sidekick we aim to provide a complete online solution to budding Entrepreneurs and creative minds to sustain in the market and changing the data management sector through Automation.

What make us develop Office Sahayogi?

We all face the problem related to GST and Income tax return filing when it comes to rembering the due date, submitting the files and maintaining the records. Not only us, CA's and tax counsultant face the same problem like maintaining the task in the office, client management, employee management and many more. CA's don't even know that how much task is pending for them in the coming month.
And surprisingly, to solve these daily issues effective solutions are not available in the market. That was one moment, when our team decide to develop a software that will not only help the CA's to manage their work but also their clients.

How we developed Office Sahayogi?

Creating a software that solves 100+ issues in an office was a challanging task in itself. But, more challanging was to identify those tasks, as none of the member in core team was a tax practition. At that point we decided to take help from the CA's that as wokring in those offices for more than 20 years. All thanks to Mr.Dhruv Singhla and Mr.Yask Gupta for helping our team.
It took around 3 months to complete the basics of this project, then we put it in certain offices where tax consultation was done. From that day, we use to get a list of impovements that can be done in the software. All the suggestion were real life, like GST Password has to change in every three month, tasks like IT varification should be created automatically, clients should be categorised on the basis of turnovers and states and many more.
It took 3 more months to complete the software.

Core Values


We are kind and caring to everyone we encounter and do business with. We believe what's inside is more important


Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results. Playing blame games is not our policy.


We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.


We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together. We treat our team as a family.

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